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What up Guys !!!

Its Junior Starlord from www.240hzmonitorguide.com.

The starting of this blog idea is so much fun. Lets share it in short.

I am a regular PC gamer. I would like to plan PC games rather than mobile games like Pubg, Free Fire, Dota & CSGO, etc.

I play for almost 6/7 hours with my friends. Their PC configuration is so much high than me. So enjoy their gameplay feels like PRO.

But on the other hand, I don’t have so much better configuration on PC. For this reason I am not so much good as compare to them but I feel that if I had enough configuration them I can be a better gamer too.

I share my thought with my father and convinced him to buy a new upgradeable PC setup. He allows me and asked me about what you need?

I starting from Monitor and got stuck which one i should need to buy?

Believe me, I don’t know so much about the monitor and other stuff. So I took some days and start researching which Monitor and other stuff is good for play PC games.

Then i saw that most of the PRO players are play games in 240Hz monitor.

I don’t know also about what is the benefit of a 240Hz monitor. Again start researching on Best 240Hz Monitor and why it is beneficial for the gamer.

After research, I found and gain excellent knowledge on a 240Hz monitor. How much important role play it? Why it is best? why do you need to buy it? Which is the Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor and why those are best?

Then I realize that many fellows like me want to know about this. Before buying any 240 Hz monitor which things must need to consider and which knowledge must have to buy it etc.

I must share it with them. Then I think I should start a blog & write complete knowledge with you. Here I come and this is starting.

I purchased my domain in exactly which things i would like to share.

12 August 2020 purchased my domain & hosting and start writing of About this 240Hz Monitor.

This is in short of my starting of this blog.

Cheers from

Junior Starlord

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