Asus XG258Q Review

ASUS launched a new ultra-fast monitor with the highest Refresh rate for gamers and e-sports. It is known as Asus ROG Strix XG258Q monitors.

Every gamer dreams for this type of Monitor that gives an amazing gaming experience.

The ultra-fast Monitor provides the smoothest gaming experience that no other monitor can provide.

The people who are not satisfied with their current Monitor and want to purchase a new one don’t know which Monitor is the best.

They don’t know which the best monitor, fastest monitor, and cheapest monitor.

Then you are exactly at the right place, here I am going to give an Asus ROG Strix XG258Q review. 

In this Asus XG258Q Review, you will get all the answers of your question regarding purchasing new and best Monitor.

Asus XG258Q Review

Asus XG258Q Review
Asus XG258Q Review

The people who want the fastest Monitor then they should purchase this ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q monitor.

The fastest TN based Monitor with lowest response time monitor than all the other top 240Hz monitors

It provides the quickest frame rates with the highest VRR of 240Hz so that you can play your games smoother and without any interruption.

The best features of the best Monitor are mentioned below in the Asus ROG Strix XG258Q Review. 

Asus XG258Q Features


In Asus ROG XG258Q Reviewthe most important thing is the speed of the Monitor that every gamer wishes for.

The fastest response time is 1milisecond, with the highest refresh rate of 240Hz.

The main feature that is not for the gamers but for everyone whose main concern is speed.

Refresh rate

The amazingly highest refresh rate, this monitor provides. The refresh rate this Monitor provides is 240Hz.

It makes the Monitor even faster than the 120Hz monitors. Because of this refresh rate, the user will experience a smoothest and the fluent gaming experience.

Using this Monitor, you will become a fine gun shooter in your gameplays, best racer, and win thousands of gaming titles. There will be only action and action, and no break.


Moving forward to Asus XG258Q Review, another main feature of this product is G Sync and FreeSync technologies. 

Most people faced the screen tearing problem that cannot be resolved by the other monitors.

But this Monitor removes this screen tearing problem and makes you gameplays smoother and smoother. 

Low Motion Blur

Again the latest feature that the product contains is that it provides extremely low motion blur technology.

This technology removes the motion blur condition during your gameplays and makes the moving object sharper.

Due to this technology, it makes your games even smoother and fluent.

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More about Asus ROG XG258Q Review, the display of the product is the most important step while purchasing a new monitor. This product gives you a big and great display of 24.5 inches LCD. People usually prefer large and big screens to make their fun more fantastic.

Image quality

The ASUS monitor provides amazing screen quality with the highest resolution of 1080p in Full HD.

Gaming monitor ROG Strix monitor provides feature ASUS Aura Sync backlight and a customizable gaming-inspired light signature projection.

That gives you the gaming experience of another world.

Eye protection

These monitors help reduce the strain of the eyes by using Flicker-less, low-dimmed, and anti-blitz technology.

Technology Flicker less reduces screen flickering, which is an important cause of long-term monitor eye pressure.

Cutting ComfyView’s screen shine decreases eye pressure further.

Ergonomic setup

The ASUS monitor, followed by the Ergo Stand that rotates, baculites, turns up and down so that a good view can be seen of the enemy’s area. This will helps you to turn around in any position you are comfortable with.

Asus XG258Q Specifications

Another main point of the Asus XG258Q Review is the specification. Now let’s talk about the specification of this product in the Asus XG258Q. 

The specification of the ultra-fast Monitor is mentioned below that will further help you in selecting one of the best Monitor.

  • Panel Size:                                       Wide Screen 23.8″(60.5cm) 16:9
  •  Panel Backlight / Type :                 TN
  •  True Resolution :                            1920×1080 *
  •  Display Viewing Area(HxV) :        527.04 x 296.46 mm
  •  Pixel Pitch :                                      0.2745 mm
  •  Brightness(Max) :                           400 cd/㎡
  •  Contrast Ratio (Max) :                   1000:1
  •  Viewing Angle (CR≧10) :               170°(H)/160°(V)
  •  Response Time :                              1ms (Gray to Gray)
  •  Display Colors :                               16.7M
  •  Refresh Rate(max) :                        240Hz 
  • Signal Input :                                   HDMI(v2.0) x2, DisplayPort
  •  Earphone jack :                               3.5mm Mini-Jack 
  •  USB Port(s) :                                    3.0×2

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Why should you buy it?

There are many reasons that will convince you to purchase this Monitor. There are listed below.

The ultra-fast monitors that give you amazing gaming experience with a 240hz refresh rate.

The fastest time response monitor that will give the smoothest gameplays.

G Sync and FreeSync technology help you to get rid of the screen tearing problem that disturbs your gaming.

Another features known as low motion blur technology. Again these features provide a more and more smooth and fluent gaming experience.

Another feature that is the most useful for its users is the TN panel.

Yes, the Acer XF250Q monitor offers a TN panel that makes your gaming experience more amazing.

The eye care system is build-in in this Monitor that helps you to protect your eyes and eyesight.

Mostly the parents are worried about their children’s eyesight that could be damaged because of the use of monitors.

But this tension is also resolved by the Acer XF250Q monitor by creating an eye protection system.

Another most prominent reason for purchasing is that the brand is giving three years of warranty for this product.


  • Very high Refresh rate
  • Lowest response time
  • G Sync and Free Sync compatible
  • Ergonomic design
  • Amazing blue light filter


  • Ports placement is not good
  • Small in size


The ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q monitors are the top 240Hz monitors with the fastest refresh rate that is unbeatable.

It has a fantastic display, a great screen, and has Aura RGB features, making it the best 240Hz Monitor.

So the people who are looking for the best-featured Monitor of 240Hz then those should purchase ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q monitor.

After reading this Asus XG258Q Review, you must be convinced of purchasing this MonitorSo don’t wait, order now from Amazon.

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